Wesley Plokkaar

UX / UI Designer

I am a digital creative and multidiciplined designer with over 3 years of experience in creating apps and websites for large national and international companies. I have have a strong vision about design, product development, interfaces and the user experience of products. Let's talk!


Parkmobile / BMW - 2016

Find, book, and pay for your parking with one seamless app. With just a few clicks, you can eliminate the hassle of parking. Created app (iOS and Android) and web designs for the ParkNow project in Germany, Austria, France and many more to come!

DFW Airport

M2mobi - 2015

Dallas Fort Worth Airport hired M2mobi to recreate and improve their airport app. The focus was to make the travellers journey through DFW as smooth and delightful as possible. Within the project I made the visual designs for iOS and Android and I was also responsible for the interaction design. We created a whole new app based on their new branding and added new features for the travellers.


M2mobi - 2015

Picnic is an online supermarket with no physical stores. The unique selling point of picnic is to deliver products for free and maintaining low prices. Together with the team we experimented with a lot of different designs. We tested these designs weekly and tried to understand how users would behave in the app. I created the iOS app visually and worked together with other designers to finalize the user experience

Schiphol Airport

M2mobi - 2014/2015

We made a new visual branding for the app, working closely together with the people from Schiphol. We constantly worked on creating a better experience for the travelers at Schiphol, adding new features and refining the user experience of the app.